About gummy bears

The gummy bear was invented in by a German man named Hans Riegel . When Riegel was just 23 he founded Haribo. He went on to produce the ‘gold bear’ product in the 60s. The consistency of gummy bears has also been said to be very ideal for breast implants. "Gummy Bear breast implants" have been on the market since 2005.…huhuhuh.. Even though sour patch kids aren’t really gummy bears, theyre AMAZING so they get a little shoutout. Sour Patch Kids were originally called Mars Men, little aliens that were sold for one cent (U.S.) each. The product inspiration and design came at a time when UFO sightings were exciting the Western World. The success of Gummy Bears has spawned the many different gummy animals. Today, many brands of gummy bears exist on the market. Trolli is a well-known knockoff gummy candy manufacturer and was the first to introduce "gummi worms" in 1981.

Editorial Note: Trolli neon sour gummy worms are also the shit. especially the kind that are like gummy octipi so its like eating 8 at once